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PETPAT™ Pumpkin Pet Brush CJ

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Product Information:

Packaging Information: Pumpkin Pet Brush x1

Material: ABS, HTPE, stainless steel

Product Category: Pet Brush
Pumpkin comb size: 195*84*66mm




- Combing hair is like doing SPA, It makes your pet happy and healthy !

1. Promote blood circulation

2. Reduce hair loss


3. Prevent hair knotting

4. Detect trauma and skin diseases in time

5. Grooming pets frequently can stimulate hair follicles, ensure better hair quality and hair volume, and make pet coats smooth and shiny.

6. The 140° curved design of the steel needle can better grasp the hair when combing, let the combed hair stay on the comb teeth, prevent static electricity, and avoid the embarrassment of hair flying all over the sky